The loft space is great for storage. Christmas decorations, furniture, sports equipment, home gym equipment and even clothes that we one day hope to fit back into! All can be stored away in the loft.

For those of you who find themselves continually up and down into the loft, a standard ladder can be impractical and certainly not the safest mode of access available.


What if you could find a small, compact, safer and unobtrusive contemporary alternative?

Well Fontanot might have a solution that provides all of the above attributes, whilst taking into account modern requirements to maximise the available space in our homes.


The AF26 spiral staircase is the smallest on the market. Requiring only 105cm squared floor space, it provides a safe and compact alternative for those who find themselves needing regular access to loft based storage space.




The AF26 is available in a choice of 3 colours, black, white and grey. It is suitable for heights of up to 379cm. With its tiny 1 metre diameter, it allows safe and stable access, whilst being sympathetic to requirements of maximising available floor space within our homes.




If you think you might benefit from our AF26, why not give us a call to discuss you requirements or alternatively fill in our contact form and we shall be in touch!