Communicating and sharing: these are the watchwords of the twenty-first century. Through the social media we can easier know the thoughts and moods of anyone connected to us in real time … so why not express themselves through their homes? Walls, stairs, furniture: the last interior design trends of the last years « express » and communicate emotions, messages, ideas, quotes. Here are some examples that are between funny and dreamy.



For music or poetry lovers, the steps of a staircase can be the perfect foil to write verses and rhymes: a phrase at every step that tells a love and joyful story while climbing.

Even motivation finds its space between a step and the other, alternating moods that become more and more positive, leading without any doubt to your destination with a big smile.

For those who prefer fiction, here is a staircase decorated with classic novels’ titles of American literature.



The trendy stencils wall give you the opportunity to really express yourself in 360 °: you can opt for a witty message, self-ironic or enclose the philosophy of life in a short quote, to be observed every day, symbolically embossed in the walls of your house.



Even furniture and accessories communicate, not only to the habitants of the domestic space, but also to the guests. Why not welcome them with a pinch of sarcasm, if they use to come too often at dinnertime? Or show that the animals are trained to protect their home … even if the size is not significant.



Staircases and urban furniture should also be part of the outdoor environment, integrated in an urban landscape that are always more full of symbols and philosophy sentences. Some are very “tribal”, dedicated to small and restricted groups who are the only ones to be able to grasp the meaning and interpret the messages correctly: just think of the “tag” of writers, some are true works of art that color brownfield and old industries. Another example could be the activities of guerrilla marketing that are usually more obscure. They are creating drawings and stencils in particular areas of the city, evoking memories and characters known by all.