If Newton had lived to view these stairs during his lifetime, he may just have abandoned his theory of gravity entirely. Completely suspended in the air, these stairs are incredibly light structures that seem like wings holding up each footing as though they were feathers. These lightweight designs are becoming increasingly more fashionable and are sure to give a touch of sophistication to any room.


There are those of course that choose to completely furnish a space to achieve a strong like appearance, which can be done with spiral staircases and ramps made from materials that are both innovative and colorful. However, there are also those that prefer to live in a basic or simplistic environment, composed of a few simple, well-placed components. Interior design is becoming more centered towards a minimalistic perspective, something that we can’t help but like.

If you already have an elegant all-white living room, you may like to consider what qualities you could add to make the room’s ‘personality’ decisively more chic? One example could be a set of contrasting black stairs, which seem to almost float and move in the air. These stairs representative of a French interior design project, are decidedly sophisticated yet minimal.


design staircase


This staircase, somewhat resembling a hammock, come complete with all the warmth of natural wood and the final light touch of suspended white strings draped down the stairwell.


suspended staircase


Alternatively, from an Italian architect, this project that plays on the essential components: stairs that seem to merge into the wall, almost as though they’ve simply appeared from the illuminated whiteness and light. Additionally, the other elements have been expertly intersected and juxtaposed to create a perfect harmony.


suspended design staircase


The Fontanot stairs also play upon the forces of “anti-gravity”. You need only to consider the steps in the kit, which can be installed simply and directly to a wall to give an ultramodern and chic effect to the room. The “wall” series was designed to achieve a combined effect between design and function, between strength and lightness, which is all possible due to the absence of a visible support structure. It goes without saying that for greater security a railing around the stairs is recommended, even though the stability of the staircase components is assured.


wall design staircase