As with all things designed by the Cupertino based company, Apple Stores are iconic, and are an expression of the hopes and desires of an entire generation. From an architectural point of view, what makes the Apple Stores interesting are the spiral staircases that connect the various floors in the buildings.


The Apple Store in Bolyston Street, Boston is a particularly spectacular example. The glass spiral staircase is wrapped around a glass elevator, making it incredibly eye-catching.

Meticulous design to create a perfect combination of form and function, a concept that was also applied to the staircases by Techne di Fontanot , who used a special virtual reality program to view the spiral staircase for each location long before it was actually installed.


Glass was used to symbolize two concepts: a lack of visual barriers and transparency, thereby unifying spaces and making them accessible to everyone everywhere, just like internet.

The Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York (how could there not be one in the Big Apple), features a spiral staircase that is a symbol of Apple’s philosophy; and here it was taken to the extreme resulting in a patented gigantic transparent cube on which the company logo flashes.



The spiral staircase connects this visionary structure to the floor below, where the actual store is located. To get some idea of the real value of any item connected to Apple, including their beautiful spiral staircases, it is worth pointing out that after requiring replacement, one step from the New York store staircase was sold for $ 9,950 on e-Bay.