A spiral staircase need not simply be something that connects one floor to another, it can be part of the furnishings as it has huge potential and a lot of possible secondary uses.

What if it could also be used as a wine cellar? It might sound absurd, but that is what the Spiral Cellar was designed to be used for. It is a spiral staircase that is not used to connect two floors but to house a wine collection just like a real wine cellar.



Elegant, refined, and carefully designed, the Spiral Cellar aims to surprise and can be configured in several ways; it can be fitted with a wooden or ceramic tiled trapdoor so it remains hidden, or it can have a glass cover so it remains in view.

Depending on the size required, the spiral staircase can hold up to 2000 bottles, which are stored horizontally in racks.

The best thing about the staircase is that it can be used in very confined spaces, provided they are at least three meters deep, just like a space-saving staircase.

The Spiral Cellar means that you can have your own private wine cellar without needing a large flat space – all you need is a small room and a specially designed spiral staircase.