Questions & Answers

We have decided to close our offices. Health of our employees comes first.
We must protect ourselves, our customers and suppliers.
The FONTANOTSHOP team has the resources, the stubbornness, the sense of duty to face an unprecedented situation.
In a moment like this, in fact, the sense of responsibility and acting in a single direction for the common good must prevail.
We will keep you updated and remain at your disposal.


Can I place an order online?

Because we are unable to guarantee the normal production and shipment times, the sale of our products is currently blocked. Please monitor our website for updates on the reopening times.

If I have purchased online, are there any delays in shipping?

Unfortunately, from the 23rd of March the shipments of all the orders placed will be suspended until further notice.

Was my order shipped before the last available date ? How can I know?

As soon as the order is dispatched, transport document and tracking number is sent to your email address. (check in SPAM as well). If you have not received this information, your order is pending.

I have received the transport document. When will be the delivery scheduled?

You can check the progress of the shipment with the tracking number. Generally, the courier will contact you by phone 2 days prior the delivery to make an appointment. During this period, delivery times may be delayed.

Given the long shipping and delivery times, I would like to withdraw from the order/ or cancel my order. How can I do it?

Unfortunately, for logistical reasons, we are unable to process your request. However, we guarantee that after resuming all operations, all orders placed will be processed with the highest priority.

I need spare parts / replacement parts in reference to my order. How can I proceed?

You can send your request to Your request will be processed as soon as our offices will reopen.

How can I contact you?

Our offices will remain closed until further notice. We are currently unable to process your request. For URGENCIES, you can contact us by email at, writing in the subject "URGENT". We will respond as soon as possible.