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Railing Fontanot Inox20 Wire

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Railing Fontanot: high quality stainless steel railings and balustrades that are easy to install..

Railing for indoors and outdoors

Railing INOX20 WIRE is made from AISI 304 stainless steel with a satin finish. INOX20 WIRE is the railing solution be fitted to indoors and outdoors staircases and also balustrades or parapets, designed by Fontanot for easy installation and customization. The simplicity of assembly of the railings makes them very popular in the world of "Do it yourself". It is ideal for indoor use, it can also be mounted outdoors in less aggressive environments.
Railing INOX20Wire are made up of 2 circular-section balusters, adjustable height, joined to each other with 5 parallel tubes and a circular cross-section handrail.

Do you want to design your Fontanot railing for your needs?
You can contact us at +390541906330 o create, together with our Architect, the project of your railing.

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Railing INOX20 WIRE is made from AISI 304 stainless steel with a satin finish. They are characterised by circular-section balusters joined to each other with 5 parallel tubes. The balusters come complete with 5 tube feedthrough fixings and can be installed directly on the floor or to the side of the floor; they should hence be selected based on where they will be positioned.

There are two baluster sizes: a short one (96 cm) for installation on the floor and a taller one (114.5 cm) for installation on the side. The baluster kits contain the fixings to join them to the steel handrail with the relative rivets. The balusters to be fastened on the floor also come with plate covers. The steel handrail comes in 150 cm modules.

A shockproof Plexiglas protection panel is available to prevent children from climbing up the railing.

  • Material:
    AISI 304 stainless steel (18/10 stainless steel) with a satin finish.

  • AISI 304 stainless steel satin
    Particular railing

  • Installation environment:
    Fontanot Railing Inox20 Wire is the solution for indoor and outdoor use; it is ideal for indoor use. It can also be install outdoors in less aggressive environments recommended in areas not close to the sea and not in presence of harish pollution, please follow all maintenance advice meticulously.
    Indoor use
    Low-aggressive outdoor

  • Table of items to be purchased:
    Table of items to be purchased in relation to the length of the railing to be constructed and considering a distance of 1 m between the balusters. For each change of direction purchase 1 extra DA1320 kit and 1 extra DC0420 kit.
  • Railing resistance:
    The structural strength can be doubled by halving the distance between the balusters. The structural strength tests to verify compliance with the provisions laid down in Ministerial Decree dated 14/01/2008 and the requirements according to the UNI EN 1991-1-1 (EUROCODE 1) standards have been conducted in Italy at the Giordano Institute laboratories, SIT / SINCERT accredited and authorised by the Ministry for Infrastructures to conduct tests and issue test certificates for the construction materials. The test certificates can be viewed at the link: Railing Certification
    Railing resistance

  • Cleaning:
    The INOX20 WIRE components are made of 100% AISI 304 stainless steel (18/10 stainless steel); the visible surfaces have been treated to obtain a uniform satin finish. The satin finish makes the surface easily susceptible to attack by corrosive agents, therefore, in seaside environments or areas with heavy atmospheric pollution, as soon as spots start appearing on the railing or handrail, immediately clean the surfaces. Rust spots on the stainless steel do not compromise the structural integrity of the parts; they just become more difficult to remove if not cleaned immediately and left to extend over the surface. Therefore, as soon as spots visible to the naked eye appear, clean them off. Periodic cleaning also needs to be carried out:
    • at least every 12 months in unpolluted suburban or rural areas,
    • at least every 4-6 months in polluted urban areas or close to the sea,
    • whenever solid substances (dust) or liquids deposit on the surfaces.
    For cleaning, use plenty of water and non-abrasive and non-aggressive detergents specifically for stainless steel or metals. After cleaning, dry the surfaces thoroughly with a microfibre cloth to remove the haloes that form because of the limestone in the water. NEVER use abrasive scourers. In the case of “extensive and deep” rust spots, use stainless steel or metal cleaning products generally sold in a pasty or creamy form and rub the oxidised surface in the direction of the satin finish until all the spots have completely been removed. When you have finished cleaning and after perfectly drying all the surfaces, use a soft or microfibre cloth and spread a film of commercial protective oil suitable for stainless steel (silicone oil that can be bought in any hardware shop).
Use Railing module for indoor and outdoor staircases with floor fixing or lateral fixing
Material AISI 304 stainless steel
Finishing Satin finish
Dimensions Module 150 cm in length and a recommended distance of 1 m between the balusters
Componenti The railings are made up of 2 circular-section balusters, adjustable height, joined to each other with 5 parallel tubes and a circular cross-section handrail. The fixings and half ball joints are included.
Warning The kits do not contain the glue, the screws and plugs for floor and wall fixing.


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